The professional MEET & GREET at airport arrivals.

We chauffeurs pride ourselves on providing this service for clients arriving back in to the UK airports.

Smart dressed chauffeur arrives near the airport early, before flight lands, parks up gets a coffee and watches the flights progress on the appropriate flight tracking app.

We know time it left destination, it’s approach time, it’s landed time, then arrival time (at gate) then some apps will also say waiting for luggage and luggage arriving on belt 8

This is how a professional chauffeur driver provides the perfect service and the MEET & GREET.

We go in to the terminal at the point of flight arrived, this gives us ample to be in position in an obvious place with the sign board (IPad for myself) to be there to meet your client, take their luggage, or luggage from the lady if they are a couple or pair.
Guide them through the airport to the parked Mercedes saloon, open doors and put their luggage in the boot.
Relaxing drive to destination, where the chauffeur opens doors and takes luggage from boot to customers door, or hotel reception for them.
A shake of their hands and wish them a good day or night.
That’s how professional chauffeurs roll 🙂