We chauffeurs suffer the same challenges as any driver using motorways and the roadworks that seem never ending there.

As a Nottingham based chauffeurs, we use the M1 very frequently, although I personally try to avoid it as much as possible during peak southbound traffic in the mornings, and northbound in the late afternoons.
But, Luton airport makes this impossible 🙁
Like today, but I was fortunate to have a client going there for 5:30am, so I missed the worse southbound.
On my return home, J14/J12 south was solid due to yet another accident. A constant hazard for time critical travel to airports.
When advising clients a collection time outbound, I like to add a little time on except the very early mornings.
Roadworks, Accidents, weather or just pure bad driving from some make all journeys a little hazardous.
It’s the experience that long distance chauffeurs like www.nottinghamchauffeursvip.com have that makes the difference to some less experienced taxi drivers.
In 10 years I’ve only had 1 client miss a flight, and that wasn’t my fault, the client asked for a tight collection time, then was almost an hour late coming out of a meeting, they were 40 minutes late for check in (Derby to Heathrow on a late Friday afternoon)
They apologised to me, which was nice, but I still felt guilty and disappointed they missed their flight, even if I wasn’t responsible.
Nottingham to Heathrow preferred route depending on time of day, or day of week.
M1/M25 off peak weekdays and mornings weekend
M1/M42/M40/M25 busy weekday and weekend day times.
M1/M69/A45/A46/M40/M25 longer route, but good through morning rush hours, nice weekend too.
M40 is a much nicer scenic route with far more countryside either side of motorway.
Enjoy your driving when you can.