The Unconcious Bride – Nottingham Bridal Cars

This incident happened back in 2000.
After providing a 3 hour wedding car booking for a Church wedding service.

The day was beautiful as was the bride in her wedding dress, car arrived early as usual at the brides parents home, this is very common to collect from parents houses.

Following a usual church service of around 1.5 hours including photos the bride and her new husband came to the car to go to the wedding reception venue.

I wished them congratulations and we arrived at the venue, I told them that the additional booking of a Going Away Car later at midnight would be myself again, taking them home to their house.

Midnight came around, and I was waiting outside the venue, in my gleaming silver Mercedes E-class wedding car (no ribbons) but with rear window flowers and rear window banner “Just Married”
Standing tall next to my car in my chauffeur uniform with peaked hat as they came out.

I had spoken with someone to tell the bride & groom I was outside previously.
What happened next was a 1st for me.

5 people including the groom were carrying an Unconcious bride out to the car.
Obviously I was concerned about any accidents caused by drink in my car, but the groom assured me she wouldn’t be ill.

They finally manhandled the bride on to the back seat of the car, the groom sat in the front watching the bride carefully.

On arrival at their home address, we had a small dilemma, there were only 2 people to carry the bride, groom and myself.

As with lots of wedding dresses, it was quite low cut top, so when asked which end I wanted, I said I’ll take legs.

Groom wrapped his arms under the brides arms and across her bust and lifted as I hold legs.
We carried her in to the house and placed her on the sofa, lifting a dead weight like a person is so hard.
He apologised profusely to me, but I made it clear its fine, and that he may want to sit up with her during the night for her safety.
He tipped me £20.00 for my help and understanding of the situation and I wished him well and left.

Never experienced this in any other wedding since or before this incident.
When your Nottingham Chauffeur Service goes the extra mile.

Nottingham Minibuses – Airport Transfers and Sporting Events

How many times have you thought of booking a Minibus for travel to airports and sporting events?
Or wished you could travel to London as a family group or business group?
Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP have the answer, executive Mercedes V-class.
6 to 8 passengers.

Silver, Privacy glass, Wifi, Rear seating air con, water, magazines and most of all, an experienced chauffeur.

Can travel get any easier 🙂

These minibuses are also perfect for Nottingham to Southampton Cruise Terminal or Nottingham wedding car bookings for family, bridesmaids or parents and children.

Why not make an enquiry for your travel in the year ahead?
Door to door service, no need to worry about being tired after a night flight, get collected and driven home in complete comfort after those corporate days out at the races.
When you need a Nottingham Chauffeur Service.

Storm Doris – Worst winter storm of 2017

I feel very lucky today 🙂
Thurs was my day off.

But the roads, airports and rail networks all suffered very badly from this Storm Doris with winds up to 100mph

I was at home, guiding drivers around blocked roads caused by fallen trees, delayed or cancelled flights and customers trying to get home by trains.

After a couple of changed plans, all cars picked up, some completely off route, but they all got home safely.

I’ve watched the devastation caused by the storm Doris on the news, thankful I was home.

UK Sporting Events Calendar

Nottingham Chauffeurs have been successfully providing sporting event travel for 10 years.
Mercedes Saloons and MPV’s up to 8 passengers.

My personal favourite is Royal Ascot.
Tues 20th June until Sat 24th June 2017
Such pomp and pageantry always leaves me impressed.

But we have many other very popular events in the UK.

Mon 3rd Jult until Sun 16th July
A great English tradition.

No longer just a football stadium, Amercian Football and Concerts too.

British Grand Prix race track and Moto GP among its regular race meetings.

The Grand National Race Meeting Track

Henley Regatta
UK’s premier Boat Races in UK

We are happy to quote any travel from across the East Midlands region of Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Leicester and Mansfield to any UK sporting event.

Most are considered wait and return bookings, so all day hire required.
Corporate days out, business travel or just pleasure it’s all the same to us.

Why book a chauffeur to the airport?

The simple answer is, it’s what we do for a living, we don’t do local short distance taxi jobs, we don’t have 50 customers a day coming through the car like taxis, we know those long distance routes as standard.

Plus points……
Prestige car, comfort is a priority
Water, Magazines, Mints, Wifi, tissues
Smart dressed chauffeur
Experienced long distance chauffeur driver
Knowledge of routes
Professional MEET & GREET at arrivals
Help with luggage in and out of car

We are competitive in rates, with only slightly higher charge, as little as £10 compared to some taxi suppliers, only we offer a far superior service and vehicles.

Your holiday should start as you lock your door.
Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP are the right choice for Nottingham airport transfers.
Business, Corporate and leisure travel.

My work took me to Buckingham Palace

So one day several years ago, I got a call from a potential client to enquire about a car to Buckingham Palace 🙂

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP are about to crack a new threshold, this person was getting awarded for their work in the community has a headteacher who turned a school around from failing, to outstanding.
But this gets better for me, I’m told I could be parking inside Buckingham Palace, Wow that would be amazing.
I had to provide many personal and business details to facilitate this option.

The reason for this elite parking space was because there was a disabled sister in the car too.
Sadly, the application for a elite parking space was submitted to late 🙁
But I did park in front of Buckingham Palace to the left of the statue and I took photos 🙂
Sadly they came out very poor.

This was the Queens Garden Party event I think, with huge queues of people dressed in their finest clothes waiting to get in to the Palace.
Lots of uniforms too, not just military.
Everyone looked so proud and smart, yes I’m a fan of the Royal family myself.
I’m English and proud of it.
So I went for a walk and lunch to pass time while waiting, and thoroughly loved the day.
My clients were pleased as punch too with their day out and of course the chauffeur service provided by myself.
When you need professional Nottingham Chauffeurs for those special occasions.

Amusing Wedding Car Booking Incidents

This is 1 of the many funny incidents I encounter in my duty of chauffeur driver, this particular 1 is a bridal car booking story that happened.
The brides identity will not be revealed of course.

A few years back, during 1 of my wedding car or Bridal car booking.
Beautiful sunny day, I arrived at the brides parents house 15 minutes early as I always do.
I knocked on the door, introduced myself and gave them a couple of business cards and returned to car to wait until they were ready to leave.
20 minutes later, a beautiful bride appeared with stunning very low cut wedding dress and dad holding her back of dress up.
Very low cut front of dress is something I can’t really describe accurately, it was bloody low, and this bride must of been at the front of the queue when boobs were handed out, I think you get my picture. ?

I made sure she got in car, and opened door for her Dad and away we went to the church.
Upon arrival we were met by the photographer who wanted bride in car photos.
Photographer asked me to hold door open as she wanted the uniformed chauffeur in 1 of the shots.
She asked the bride to shuffle to the outside edge of car seat, and lean forwards with her upper body.
This is a classic pose I see a lot on weddings, but this bride was a lot more endowed than most in my car and with a low cut dress that was being completely overwhelmed.
It finally gave in, and 2 boobs bounced out for the photos, oh dear I thought.
The brides reaction was not what I had expected.
She laughed, and lifted them back in, and with a little push and shoving they stayed there under duress.
She then muttered to the photographer that she couldn’t find her tape.

Photos taken and in she went to get married.
Later on after service, the bride and her new husband in my back of car, she was giggling as she told him about her mishap prior to the church service.
He couldn’t understand what she was telling him, so she leaned forwards in rear of car and shook her shoulders to re-enact the earlier scene.
Yes I guess they popped out again for the new husband, because although I couldn’t see, I could hear him say “Oh My God”
They then both burst in to a fit of giggles.

It’s got a funny side in this job too ?

Driving North From Heathrow Friday Afternoon

Heathrow drop off or collection on Friday afternoon is the job we chauffeurs hate most.
Traveling around the M25 to J21 for M1 is like being parked on the London Orbital Car Park.
Then M1 north, it only gets worse 🙁
Roadworks before Toddington services with 50mph limits, narrow lanes and bumper to bumper barely moving traffic is enough to test the patience of a saint.
You get a slight reprieve after J13, but it still moves slowly around 30mph.
Then J16 looms ahead and your back in to narrow lanes, bumper to bumper crawling traffic that frequently seems stationary for 10 minute intervals.
This goes on until J19 M6/A14 where the roadworks stop and normal motorway resumes, happily your hitting 50mph again, although it should be 70mph.
Then Leicester J21 and Leicester Forest East services slows you up again 🙁

You pass here and feel elated your doing 50mph and before you know it J22 brings you to a standstill again and your Sat Nav lights the motorway up bright red, indicating stationary traffic or barely moving traffic for the next couple of junctions and about 10 miles.
The will to live ebbs from your body, but that cup of tea you know is waiting for you at home and the smile and hug you get from your Mrs drives you on.
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock the minutes pass slowly and I finally hit J23a and see traffic really bad way past J24 and up to J25.
Oh well it’s still better than going up the A6/A50 to Long Eaton junction/Island where traffic always queues and snakes lazily in to Long Eaton like a line of lethargic snails.

Finally J25 slip road is here and I can almost smell my cup of tea, a smile of relief creeps across my face as I join the queue on Bostocks Lane going in to Long eaton, and within 5 minutes I’m home, 3 hours and 25 minutes after dropping at Heathrow on a Fri at 3:30pm.

Nottingham to Heathrow airport is still my favourite travel, but never think we chauffeurs have it easy sat on our backsides in a Posh Car.
Because some days are hell on earth for drivers in the UK.
I’ll tell you about Monday mornings south to Heathrow during rush hour period next time, it’s probably worse than Friday north. ?

Special Occasion Cars from Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP

Not all bookings are airports or London.

We cover many special occasion cars too.
Going Away Cars – wedding reception to hotel or home.
Anniversary surprise.
Retirement car.
Birthday party car.
Prom cars, far cheaper than Limo’s and perfect for 1 to 4 kids.
Valentines chauffeur car
London theatre trips
Any occasion cars can be a beautiful gift.
But Honeymoon Transfers are the biggest booking we do in this category.

What can be better than a beautiful silver Mercedes with uniformed chauffeur, rear window flowers and a glass of bubbly as your driven to the airport for your Honeymoon?

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP can quote this service from anywhere across the East Midlands region.

Airport Meet & Greet Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP

The professional MEET & GREET at airport arrivals.

We chauffeurs pride ourselves on providing this service for clients arriving back in to the UK airports.

Smart dressed chauffeur arrives near the airport early, before flight lands, parks up gets a coffee and watches the flights progress on the appropriate flight tracking app.

We know time it left destination, it’s approach time, it’s landed time, then arrival time (at gate) then some apps will also say waiting for luggage and luggage arriving on belt 8

This is how a professional chauffeur driver provides the perfect service and the MEET & GREET.

We go in to the terminal at the point of flight arrived, this gives us ample to be in position in an obvious place with the sign board (IPad for myself) to be there to meet your client, take their luggage, or luggage from the lady if they are a couple or pair.
Guide them through the airport to the parked Mercedes saloon, open doors and put their luggage in the boot.
Relaxing drive to destination, where the chauffeur opens doors and takes luggage from boot to customers door, or hotel reception for them.
A shake of their hands and wish them a good day or night.
That’s how professional chauffeurs roll 🙂