Fleet Improvements – New Car

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP have just upgraded 1 of our Mercedes E-class saloons to the very latest E220 SE.

This new 17 Reg compliments our vehicle fleet and is now fully licenced and insured for chauffeur services and airport transfers Nottingham.

We also now have an amazing Mercedes S350 lwb saloon, this car is also fully licenced for chauffeur work, and available for advance bookings only.

Mercedes Viano and Mercedes Vito MPV’s have always had a place on our fleet.

Wedding cars are well covered by Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP and have been for over 10 years now.

Business, leisure and corporate clients are regular users of our services and we will consider accounts if needed.

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Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP to Royal Ascot

Ascot is probably the finest and most popular sporting event in the UK for horse racing.
The pomp and glamour of each day is only beaten by Ladies Day, and all the flamboyant hats and posh frocks worn.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP have always been a popular choice for cars and minibuses to this event, with some clients likely to use us for their 10th time in 10 years.

Our chauffeurs will arrive at designated address around 8am or earlier if required, provide a smooth journey to Royal Ascot, where we can park in our car park allocated space and leave our clients to make their way to the entrance.

Should you wish to take your own picnic we will happily set this up for your arrival back to vehicle, or you maybe using hospitality tickets, where food & drink is provided for you.

After a long enjoyable day of drinks, food and hopefully winning horses, your driver will be waiting to take our tired but happy clients home.
If pre-arranged, we can do individual drop off’s at home address’s if this has been costed in to the vehicle hire.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP are the choice of business, corporate and hospitality travel across Nottingham, Loughborough, Derby & Mansfield.
We are happy to quote your days out to ANY UK sporting event throughout the year including Royal Ascot.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

A few years back, 1 of my Nottingham accounts asked me to collect a client from Heathrow, and bring to their Nottingham office.

Nothing special about that, and no special instructions other than MEET & GREET at arrivals, something we do as standard.

So, I’m there waiting at arrivals with my A4 paper sign, waiting for a client to come to me off a Virgin Airlines flight.
All I knew was he was likely Asian due to his name.

Finally I see 2 Virgin crew carrying someone’s luggage for a guy coming out, I thought HELLO that’s very unusual to see cabin crew carrying luggage that was obviously not their own.

As they headed directly towards me, with the client pointing at me, he was suddenly surrounded by many people of Asian origin who were waiting at arrivals.
These people were just members of public, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, all jostling for selfi photos with this person I was meeting.
Shaking his hand, thanking him and just generally making a real fuss.

At this point, I’m thinking I’ve not been told anything special about client, but there certainly is something special about him.

Finally he manages to break away from the photos and tells me he is who I’m waiting for.
I take the 2 luggage items off the Virgin cabin crew, and guide him to Heathrow T3 lifts to car park.

I ask him if he’s someone famous?
“Maybe to some” he says.

So I ask who and why, I’m a Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Mmmmm, well done was my reply.
For what was it awarded?
Micro Banking across countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Asia.
Where poor people can get a small loan to set up a business and make a living.
Now I travel a lot and give speeches on how small loans can change people’s lives for the better.
All this was said in a quiet voice from a very tired guy.
Asleep all the way to Nottingham and I drop him off and wish him well.
And that was that day over.

Mercedes E-class or S-class saloon

The chauffeur industry love the Mercedes brand as a car choice, I certainly do.
Jaguar and BMW are quite popular too, and even the Audi A8 lwb has a fan club.

But Mercedes is by far the preferred choice.
I am a Mercedes E-class driver and built my company up on this vehicle choice successfully.
Perfect for 1, 2 or 3 people on long distance travel and with ample leg space, but most bookings are a single person, so with front passenger seat forwards, their is extra leg space for the client sitting in the rear.
Boot space is slightly more generous in the E-class than S-class I think too.

I’m Nottingham based chauffeur, and during my trips to London, I see many S-class saloons.
Yes there is likely bigger demand there, and wealthier clients looking for that special luxury car, and they are willing to pay for it.
Chauffeurs are helped to, by Mercedes Benz dealers offering a chauffeur package that limits the annual mileage to 50,000 per year, something London based chauffeurs may be able to do.

Nottingham based drivers need to travel 140 miles each way to Heathrow compared London chauffeurs doing 18 miles each way to Heathrow.
I’m doing 90,000 miles per year, so the chauffeur package isn’t available to me.

My customers are happy with the E-class saloon, and rates I charge for this.

But, I do get a few enquiries for the S-class each year, some for wedding car bookings Nottingham and some for general chauffeur or airport work.
I have associates who have S-class saloons who are happy to cover these booking requests.
Rates are obviously higher for these cars by up to 20/25% but when you consider the cost of buying a new S-class is up to £90,000 compared to a E-class which is £34,000 drivers of S-class saloons are paying out more for everything related to car too.

Me, I’m sticking to driving Mercedes E-class saloons for peace of mind, affordability and because for my customer base they are perfect.
Brand new Mercedes E220 SE and now a NEW Mercedes V-class 6 passenger MPV has just been added too.
I change my own car every 3 years to keep them modern, new and it’s affordable, especially when you consider I’m doing 270,000 miles in the 3 years I keep 1.
What customer doesn’t like getting in to a new Mercedes?
Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP
Chauffeurs who care about client travel and comfort.

New 17 Reg Mercedes E-class saloon

Nottingham Chauffeurs to London Central

Theatre and site seeing with some shopping around Christmas is popular travel for us to London.

We also provide business travel for those last minute trips for business and corporate clients with wait & return options.

These can work out very well for 2 or 3 clients travelling together compared to train rates in 1st class, as you would still need to get to the station, then from the station in London.
But with us it’s a door 2 door service, leaving you to relax, chat or work on your laptop with our free in car wifi.

Can getting to London be any easier?
Why not get a quote at www.nottinghamchauffeursvip.com
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Business and Corporate Travel Nottingham

Nottingham Chauffeur Services,
Business travel for companies makes up a lot of our work, but why?

Business and corporate clients are sometimes very busy going back and forth to Europe and to much further places like America, China and Japan, so Heathrow is very popular as airports go for longer distance travel.
European travel can be from almost any airport these days, but we find Birmingham or BHX our most popular for short business travel.

These clients sometimes travel short haul twice a week, and long distance once a week or once a fortnight.
Comfortable chauffeur driven Mercedes saloons are the perfect choice for frequent travellers.
Meet & Greet at arrivals for returning clients or visiting clients is the perfect service.
We at Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP have been providing this level of service for over 10 years.
Maybe we could be your next chauffeur provider?

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