Grand National Aintree – Nottingham Minibus Hire – Chauffeurs Nottingham

The Grand National Aintree, probably the single most watched horse race in the UK.

The British love the Grand National, we are happy to provide Nottingham chauffeur driven Mercedes minibuses (MPV’s) and chauffeur driven Mercedes saloons to this long running UK sporting event.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP & Minibuses have been established since 2007, providing clients from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire with chauffeur services, wedding & bridal car hire, airport transfers and executive minibuses.

Horse racing meetings UK wide are all well serviced by us, with Royal Ascot, Cheltenham and Aintree being 3 of the most popular, but we do service any of the UK horse racing events.

We offer a door 2 door chauffeur service for singles, couples, small groups and large groups. With Mercedes E-class saloons, Mercedes V-class MPV’s and 2 x 16 passenger mini coaches available, we can cover most groups. But booking early is essential for some race meetings, due to demand.

Nottingham minibuses to Royal Ascot are extremely popular, as are the 16 passenger mini coaches, this event is popular for corporate, business and friend groups. Ladies Day is usually the 1st date to book up.

We are happy to provide chauffeur driven cars and minibuses Nottingham, Derby and Leicester to Aintree, Royal Ascot and Cheltenham races.

Chauffeur Nottingham To Royal Ascot – Minibus Nottingham To Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is probably the finest race meeting week across the UK, a chance for visitors to dress up in their finest clothes.

Ladies Day Royal Ascot, probably the most stunning race event of the year for those well heeled gorgeous ladies in posh frocks and fancy hats.

We at Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP & Minibuses have serviced this event since 2007, providing Nottingham chauffeured cars and executive MPV’s, meaning you can relax in your Nottingham chauffeured car or minibus while we take care of the driving to and from Royal Ascot.

Your chauffeur will wait on 1 of the many car parks situated around Ascot racecourse, while you enjoy your wine, beers and food, along with a flutter on your fancied horses.

When the event is over, you just wander back to your chauffeured car or minibus and begin the travel home, can a door to door service get any better?

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Nottingham Minibus Chauffeurs – TWICKENHAM GUINNESS SIX NATIONS 2019

Twickenham Stadium Rugby – The home of English rugby.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP & Minibuses, we have provided chauffeured cars and minibuses Nottingham, Derby Loughborough and Mansfield to Twickenham Rugby for over 12 years.

Executive Nottingham Mercedes Benz MPV’s, including the NEW Mercedes V-class luxury MPV, chauffeur driven for your comfort to Twickenham Stadium for all the rugby matches, not just England Vs France.

Corporate travel Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough and Mansfield to Twickenham Stadium, why trust in trains, or avoid a few beers because your driving, or even go on crowded coaches, when you can travel with friends and family in our Nottingham Minibuses. 16 passenger mini coach is available with advanced booking notice

We cover all UK sporting events, with a wait & return booking to ensure we are there when the sporting event is over, or when your ready to leave. This is a requirement as some events are far to busy traffic wise to get back to after games, matches, races or events close.

Nottingham Prom Car Hire – affordable

That time of year is upon us, when parents dread hearing the words “It’s My Prom Night Soon”
“Can I have a Limo”

Hugely expensive cars costing hundreds of £’s
Sometimes £400+ for those extra special ones like Sports Car Stretch Limo or Hummer Limo, maybe even a Tank.

Slightly cheaper if your child is popular at school and a group of 8 can share the stretch limo costs.

But what about those kids who may not be very popular, or who live more remotely, maybe those who just can’t afford vast amounts of money for that special Prom car. have the perfect alternative for Nottingham and Derby Prom Cars.
Silver Mercedes E-class saloons, perfect and affordable for 1 child, and extremely cheap for 2 or 3 sharing.

Locally where I’m based a Nottingham Prom Car in Long Eaton can be £65.00
But even Nottingham and Derby it’s only £75.00
Based on single run, within 10 miles of destination address.

Check our web site out.

Nottingham Wedding Cars – Bridal Car Hire

2017 wedding car season is upon us.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP have just purchased a new 17 Reg silver Mercedes E-class saloon.
This car is now available for your 2017 wedding.

Can your day get any better than having a brand new Nottingham wedding car for your big day? are 1 of Nottinghams leading chauffeur, Airport Transfers and wedding car providers.

We cover your wedding cars, going away cars and Honeymoon Transfers.

Nottingham chauffeurs VIP are the perfect choice for prestige Mercedes Benz cars and minibuses.
Why not let us quote your wedding day cars and airport transfers?

The Unconcious Bride – Nottingham Bridal Cars

This incident happened back in 2000.
After providing a 3 hour wedding car booking for a Church wedding service.

The day was beautiful as was the bride in her wedding dress, car arrived early as usual at the brides parents home, this is very common to collect from parents houses.

Following a usual church service of around 1.5 hours including photos the bride and her new husband came to the car to go to the wedding reception venue.

I wished them congratulations and we arrived at the venue, I told them that the additional booking of a Going Away Car later at midnight would be myself again, taking them home to their house.

Midnight came around, and I was waiting outside the venue, in my gleaming silver Mercedes E-class wedding car (no ribbons) but with rear window flowers and rear window banner “Just Married”
Standing tall next to my car in my chauffeur uniform with peaked hat as they came out.

I had spoken with someone to tell the bride & groom I was outside previously.
What happened next was a 1st for me.

5 people including the groom were carrying an Unconcious bride out to the car.
Obviously I was concerned about any accidents caused by drink in my car, but the groom assured me she wouldn’t be ill.

They finally manhandled the bride on to the back seat of the car, the groom sat in the front watching the bride carefully.

On arrival at their home address, we had a small dilemma, there were only 2 people to carry the bride, groom and myself.

As with lots of wedding dresses, it was quite low cut top, so when asked which end I wanted, I said I’ll take legs.

Groom wrapped his arms under the brides arms and across her bust and lifted as I hold legs.
We carried her in to the house and placed her on the sofa, lifting a dead weight like a person is so hard.
He apologised profusely to me, but I made it clear its fine, and that he may want to sit up with her during the night for her safety.
He tipped me £20.00 for my help and understanding of the situation and I wished him well and left.

Never experienced this in any other wedding since or before this incident.
When your Nottingham Chauffeur Service goes the extra mile.

Amusing Wedding Car Booking Incidents

This is 1 of the many funny incidents I encounter in my duty of chauffeur driver, this particular 1 is a bridal car booking story that happened.
The brides identity will not be revealed of course.

A few years back, during 1 of my wedding car or Bridal car booking.
Beautiful sunny day, I arrived at the brides parents house 15 minutes early as I always do.
I knocked on the door, introduced myself and gave them a couple of business cards and returned to car to wait until they were ready to leave.
20 minutes later, a beautiful bride appeared with stunning very low cut wedding dress and dad holding her back of dress up.
Very low cut front of dress is something I can’t really describe accurately, it was bloody low, and this bride must of been at the front of the queue when boobs were handed out, I think you get my picture. ?

I made sure she got in car, and opened door for her Dad and away we went to the church.
Upon arrival we were met by the photographer who wanted bride in car photos.
Photographer asked me to hold door open as she wanted the uniformed chauffeur in 1 of the shots.
She asked the bride to shuffle to the outside edge of car seat, and lean forwards with her upper body.
This is a classic pose I see a lot on weddings, but this bride was a lot more endowed than most in my car and with a low cut dress that was being completely overwhelmed.
It finally gave in, and 2 boobs bounced out for the photos, oh dear I thought.
The brides reaction was not what I had expected.
She laughed, and lifted them back in, and with a little push and shoving they stayed there under duress.
She then muttered to the photographer that she couldn’t find her tape.

Photos taken and in she went to get married.
Later on after service, the bride and her new husband in my back of car, she was giggling as she told him about her mishap prior to the church service.
He couldn’t understand what she was telling him, so she leaned forwards in rear of car and shook her shoulders to re-enact the earlier scene.
Yes I guess they popped out again for the new husband, because although I couldn’t see, I could hear him say “Oh My God”
They then both burst in to a fit of giggles.

It’s got a funny side in this job too ?

Nottingham Wedding Cars and Honeymoon Transfers

Weddings will always be popular and mostly expensive, but your wedding car with Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP need not be.
Mercedes saloon wedding cars from £150.00 x 2 hours (per car)
Additional hours at £60.00 per hour.
Cars come with ribbons, Bows and rear window flowers, uniformed chauffeurs or suited chauffeurs.
All cars and MPV’s are silver in colour and look great in pairs.

We also offer Honeymoon transfers to airports and Cruise terminals as a special finishing touch to your wedding day, champagne can be available on request for an extra cost.