Why we chauffeurs differ from a taxi service.
Taxis are heavily used and often run 24 hours a day by 2 drivers.
Passengers are frequently allowed to eat and drink in a taxi, and of course they have accidents too, but I’ll not go in to details, we know what happens in taxis after too much drink.
Cars are often old, poorly cleaned, something that can be a problem if clients are the type that like comfort.
Cars are usually cheaper branded vehicles that can seem uncomfortable or cramped on long journeys.

Now the chauffeur option,
Prestige Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar saloons or Mercedes MPV’s are the vehicles of choice.
Cleaned daily inside and out, smart suited or uniformed chauffeurs and only 1 to 3 passengers per day in vehicle.
Add water, magazines, newspapers, mints, tissues, WiFi and charging points, and you’ll start to understand why we are the choice of professional clients who travel long distance frequently.
Leisure clients are starting to realise these are not as expensive as they thought either, and have become regular customers too.