This could be a huge topic, but I’ll keep it short.

As chauffeurs doing 80,000 miles per year, we spend much of our time on the motorway network.
The things we see daily not only amuse me, but scare the hell out of me too.
Today was no exception, M25 towards J21 for M1, elderly lady in lane 3 holding up a map while driving at only 50mph.
Glancing between motorway and map constantly, while struggling to keep her little car within the confines of her lane.
Shocking disrespect for safety and driving.

Over the years I’ve seen many things, such as
Atlas/Map across steering wheel.
Newspapers on steering wheel.
Laptop on dashboard.
Holding a phone in 1 hand and drinking coffee with the other, while no hands on wheel at 70+mph.
Being treated very nicely by girlfriend or partner with head on a drivers lap.
Last minute exit from motorway to slip road throwing gravel up across motorway.
A driver drinking Jack Daniels Tennasee whisky from the bottle.
A driver bouncing off the central reservation A38 south obviously drunk out of his head.
The list could go on and on, as most chauffeurs could confirm.