This incident happened back in 2000.
After providing a 3 hour wedding car booking for a Church wedding service.

The day was beautiful as was the bride in her wedding dress, car arrived early as usual at the brides parents home, this is very common to collect from parents houses.

Following a usual church service of around 1.5 hours including photos the bride and her new husband came to the car to go to the wedding reception venue.

I wished them congratulations and we arrived at the venue, I told them that the additional booking of a Going Away Car later at midnight would be myself again, taking them home to their house.

Midnight came around, and I was waiting outside the venue, in my gleaming silver Mercedes E-class wedding car (no ribbons) but with rear window flowers and rear window banner “Just Married”
Standing tall next to my car in my chauffeur uniform with peaked hat as they came out.

I had spoken with someone to tell the bride & groom I was outside previously.
What happened next was a 1st for me.

5 people including the groom were carrying an Unconcious bride out to the car.
Obviously I was concerned about any accidents caused by drink in my car, but the groom assured me she wouldn’t be ill.

They finally manhandled the bride on to the back seat of the car, the groom sat in the front watching the bride carefully.

On arrival at their home address, we had a small dilemma, there were only 2 people to carry the bride, groom and myself.

As with lots of wedding dresses, it was quite low cut top, so when asked which end I wanted, I said I’ll take legs.

Groom wrapped his arms under the brides arms and across her bust and lifted as I hold legs.
We carried her in to the house and placed her on the sofa, lifting a dead weight like a person is so hard.
He apologised profusely to me, but I made it clear its fine, and that he may want to sit up with her during the night for her safety.
He tipped me £20.00 for my help and understanding of the situation and I wished him well and left.

Never experienced this in any other wedding since or before this incident.
When your Nottingham Chauffeur Service goes the extra mile.