Heathrow drop off or collection on Friday afternoon is the job we chauffeurs hate most.
Traveling around the M25 to J21 for M1 is like being parked on the London Orbital Car Park.
Then M1 north, it only gets worse 🙁
Roadworks before Toddington services with 50mph limits, narrow lanes and bumper to bumper barely moving traffic is enough to test the patience of a saint.
You get a slight reprieve after J13, but it still moves slowly around 30mph.
Then J16 looms ahead and your back in to narrow lanes, bumper to bumper crawling traffic that frequently seems stationary for 10 minute intervals.
This goes on until J19 M6/A14 where the roadworks stop and normal motorway resumes, happily your hitting 50mph again, although it should be 70mph.
Then Leicester J21 and Leicester Forest East services slows you up again 🙁

You pass here and feel elated your doing 50mph and before you know it J22 brings you to a standstill again and your Sat Nav lights the motorway up bright red, indicating stationary traffic or barely moving traffic for the next couple of junctions and about 10 miles.
The will to live ebbs from your body, but that cup of tea you know is waiting for you at home and the smile and hug you get from your Mrs drives you on.
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock the minutes pass slowly and I finally hit J23a and see traffic really bad way past J24 and up to J25.
Oh well it’s still better than going up the A6/A50 to Long Eaton junction/Island where traffic always queues and snakes lazily in to Long Eaton like a line of lethargic snails.

Finally J25 slip road is here and I can almost smell my cup of tea, a smile of relief creeps across my face as I join the queue on Bostocks Lane going in to Long eaton, and within 5 minutes I’m home, 3 hours and 25 minutes after dropping at Heathrow on a Fri at 3:30pm.

Nottingham to Heathrow airport is still my favourite travel, but never think we chauffeurs have it easy sat on our backsides in a Posh Car.
Because some days are hell on earth for drivers in the UK.
I’ll tell you about Monday mornings south to Heathrow during rush hour period next time, it’s probably worse than Friday north. ?