This is 1 of the many funny incidents I encounter in my duty of chauffeur driver, this particular 1 is a bridal car booking story that happened.
The brides identity will not be revealed of course.

A few years back, during 1 of my wedding car or Bridal car booking.
Beautiful sunny day, I arrived at the brides parents house 15 minutes early as I always do.
I knocked on the door, introduced myself and gave them a couple of business cards and returned to car to wait until they were ready to leave.
20 minutes later, a beautiful bride appeared with stunning very low cut wedding dress and dad holding her back of dress up.
Very low cut front of dress is something I can’t really describe accurately, it was bloody low, and this bride must of been at the front of the queue when boobs were handed out, I think you get my picture. ?

I made sure she got in car, and opened door for her Dad and away we went to the church.
Upon arrival we were met by the photographer who wanted bride in car photos.
Photographer asked me to hold door open as she wanted the uniformed chauffeur in 1 of the shots.
She asked the bride to shuffle to the outside edge of car seat, and lean forwards with her upper body.
This is a classic pose I see a lot on weddings, but this bride was a lot more endowed than most in my car and with a low cut dress that was being completely overwhelmed.
It finally gave in, and 2 boobs bounced out for the photos, oh dear I thought.
The brides reaction was not what I had expected.
She laughed, and lifted them back in, and with a little push and shoving they stayed there under duress.
She then muttered to the photographer that she couldn’t find her tape.

Photos taken and in she went to get married.
Later on after service, the bride and her new husband in my back of car, she was giggling as she told him about her mishap prior to the church service.
He couldn’t understand what she was telling him, so she leaned forwards in rear of car and shook her shoulders to re-enact the earlier scene.
Yes I guess they popped out again for the new husband, because although I couldn’t see, I could hear him say “Oh My God”
They then both burst in to a fit of giggles.

It’s got a funny side in this job too ?