So one day several years ago, I got a call from a potential client to enquire about a car to Buckingham Palace 🙂

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP are about to crack a new threshold, this person was getting awarded for their work in the community has a headteacher who turned a school around from failing, to outstanding.
But this gets better for me, I’m told I could be parking inside Buckingham Palace, Wow that would be amazing.
I had to provide many personal and business details to facilitate this option.

The reason for this elite parking space was because there was a disabled sister in the car too.
Sadly, the application for a elite parking space was submitted to late 🙁
But I did park in front of Buckingham Palace to the left of the statue and I took photos 🙂
Sadly they came out very poor.

This was the Queens Garden Party event I think, with huge queues of people dressed in their finest clothes waiting to get in to the Palace.
Lots of uniforms too, not just military.
Everyone looked so proud and smart, yes I’m a fan of the Royal family myself.
I’m English and proud of it.
So I went for a walk and lunch to pass time while waiting, and thoroughly loved the day.
My clients were pleased as punch too with their day out and of course the chauffeur service provided by myself.
When you need professional Nottingham Chauffeurs for those special occasions.