Nottingham University airport transfers and Nottingham Trent University airport minibuses, these are services we provide frequently to Nottingham University students throughout the year, but especially start and end of terms.

We also get asked to provide family airport transfers for parents and siblings visiting students at both Nottingham Universities. Our Mercedes Benz V-class MPV’s are the most in demand, especially when you realise the luggage some students start University terms with, it can be excessive.

Most travel requests appear to be Heathrow to Nottingham University campus accommodation, these are spread across the city, including campuses. Birmingham, Manchester and Gatwick airport transfers to Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University are also common requests.

Nottingham Chauffeurs VIP & Minibuses Est 2007,

We are the professional alternative to local Nottingham taxi suppliers, and the volume of repeat airport transfers we are getting, implies that many of the students using us prefer our Mercedes Benz chauffeur services. Our chauffeurs are experienced in long distance travel, especially UK airports, London and inter city travel. We do not provide a local short distance taxi service.

Our student clients come from all across the world to study here in Nottingham at our 2 outstanding Universities, and they enjoy the professional, reliable and comfortable service provided by ourselves in Mercedes E-class saloons and Mercedes V-class MPV’s (6 passenger minibuses) these are extra long wheelbase with generous luggage space.

Beeston, a large town situated very close to Nottingham University has vast amounts of student accommodation options for those choosing to stay off campus during their term times. We are situated close to Beeston and for this reason we are kept relatively busy with Nottingham University student airport transfers, although Beeston taxis are probably busier with local taxi type work from across the campus.

This past 12 months has seen students from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, America, Canada, Sri Lanka, India and Australia. I’m sure there are many I forget too.

Hopefully 2020 will see even more international students taking up our professional chauffeur and airport transfers services from Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University.

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